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Use Your Head Part 2

Game Description
No room to navigate? No problem! Just remove the top of your head. The goal of this fun puzzle is to reach the end by collecting keys and unlocking the barrier blocks. Once you start, you must go all the way to the finish line!
How to Play
Use arrow keys or the onscreen buttons to move through the game world. To pass through narrow spaces, you will need to remove the top of your head. To do that, you must walk past blocks that are 1 square tall. Once your head is off, you can put your head back on by walking into it. Depending on the status of your head, some platforms will become transparent and will allow you to pass. Other platforms will become solid and allow you to walk on them. When removing your head, it matters what side of the block you are on. This game does not have individual levels. Instead, you can move back and forth along the various sections of the world as needed. Sometimes you will have to travel back a few screens to find a way to remove the top of your head. Other times you may need to go forward.
puzzle, maze, pathways
spatial reasoning, perseverance, trial and error, problem solving, dealing with complexity