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Super Sugar Fascination

Game Description
The mischief-makers are at it again. They've trapped your favorite candy inside floating bubbles. Pop the bubbles and catch the candy before it hits the ground. Can you solve all 85 challenging levels?
How to Play
Use the left and right arrow keys to move your paddle or tap and drag the paddle on a touch screen device. The active blaster can only remove candy of the same type so keep track of that. Sometimes the blaster moves across the screen in a straight line. Be patient. It will eventually drift down. This is a good opportunity to plan a strategy. You have three chances per level to rescue a trapped candy. If you're successful and there's more candy to rescue, you'll gain additional chances. Trapped candy may show their gratitude by displaying unique features. Look for that!
aiming, bricks breaker, bubble blaster
perseverance, planning a strategy, spatial awareness