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Game Description
Combine mergis blocks with the same color and number to create a new block with the next higher number. Can you set an all-time high?
How to Play
Tap a column to release a mergis block. Try to merge the block with its matching color and number. Keep merging blocks to reach higher numbers. If there is no match, place your block in a column with a higher number block. That will set up a nice casdcading effect when you eventually make a match. Rainbow blocks can be merged with any number. You can make your own rainbow block by merging two 10 blocks. There are two built-in tools to help you along in the game. Tap the trash can to delete a mergis block from the playing field. Tap the swap button to change the next mergis block in line for release. You can only use the tools a limited number of times so plan carefully and only use the tools when it's absolutely necessary.
puzzle, strategy, 2048
reason with numbers, plan ahead, make good use of tools