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Crazy Gravity

Game Description
You are an astronaut in the year 2045. Your mission is to explore Gravitron, a planet with an unusual type of gravity. Along the way, collect lightning bolts to energize your rocket for your return trip. Dodge electric force-fields and stay away from the thorny landscape. Enter the portal to exit each level. 15 challenges in all.
How to Play
Choose a starting level. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the planet’s surface. Use the up arrow to jump. On a touch device, use the onscreen arrows to move back and forth and tap the right side of the screen for jumps. Double tap for extra height. Dashed lines are areas of reversed gravity. Jump as high as you can before crossing the dashed line. This will ensure maximum height after the reversal. This might take some practice. A long double tap will help. If you don’t have enough height, return to the platform, run for speed, and try again.
platformer, adventure, outer space
cause and effect, trial and error, problem solving, perseverence, resourcefulness