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Color Move 2

Game Description
Move the blocks to their colored targets! How many levels can you solve? Each block changes color depending on the direction it moves which gives this logic game an extra twist. Can you plan your moves and pass the most difficult levels?
How to Play
Click play or choose a level to begin. Use your mouse, touchpad or touchscreen to click and drag blocks around the board. The color in the center of the block is the matching color. Each side of the block has a directional color as well. That’s the color the block becomes when moved left, right, up, or down. A block cannot be moved through other blocks on the board but you can push a block into another one to move them together. When you do this, the color on top of the pushed block is unchanged. To pass a level, all the color blocks must be matched with their corresponding color tiles.
puzzle, logic, find the path
trial and error, problem solving, perseverance, sequential reasoning, dealing with complexity