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Monster Tower Defense
The destructive orbs are coming in fast. Deploy your monsters and defend the tower!
Bubble Pop Adventures
Pop bubbles to rescue baby mushrooms.
Jelly Collapse
Remove the jelly blocks and earn points! How far can you go?
Block the Pig
Build walls to stop the pig’s escape! Can you keep him safe?
Nom Nom Yum
Are you clever enough to feed the sushi loving alien and earn 3 stars?
Tic Tac Toe
Compete against your opponent in this classic strategy game. First to get 3 in a row wins!
Draw One Line
Connect dots without lifting a finger!
Can you clear a path for the red block?
Valet Parking
Park each car in the right spot. Avoid crashes to get 3 stars!
Rotate the triangle to match colors with the falling line. Use your skill to reach a new high score!
Puzzle Ball
Move the blocks to make a path for the ball! Can you build a tunnel for every level?
Monsters and Cake
Connect the monsters so they can eat cake! How many levels can you pass?
Four in a Row
Play by yourself or challenge a friend in this classic puzzle game! Can you connect four?
Move the number tiles in this fast-paced puzzle game! Can you reach 2048?
Flip Jump
You’re jumping through the sky on magical blocks! How far can you go?
Reverse the Discs
Can you flip all the discs to your color? Challenge a friend in this fun board game!
Red Block 2
Flip the red block into the right tile. Don’t flip into the abyss!
Spot the Difference
Spot three differences between the two similar pictures. Can you find all three without any hints?
Sink the Ships
Get your battleships ready and prepare to sink the ships!
Brick Breaker
Wrecking balls are bouncing around in this fun puzzle game. Smash the walls above to keep increasing
Some of the smartest minds in the world have been chess masters! Can you join the best of the best?
Rhino Rink
Push the rhinos off the ice! Can you clear the game board of these colorful beasts?
Classic Backgammon
Compete with a friend or against the computer in the classic board game! Can you get your pieces aro
Remove the white squares from the board. Can you figure out the rule?
Fancy Diver
The divers are stuck under the sea and they’re quickly running out of oxygen! How many divers can yo
Giant Rabbit Run
Collect coins and colorful eggs!
Complete the lines in this hexagon puzzle!
Candy Jam
Match candy to win each level!
Candy Slide
Slide the candy to freedom!
Love Bears
Bring the two bears together.
Monster Mahjong
Match mahjong tiles to complete levels.
Fill The Gap
Drag and drop blocks to score
Drone Pickup Service
Pick up packages for delivery.
Candy Christmas
Match Christmas candy to win.
Casual Checkers
Can you beat the computer?
Swing Forward
Train your estimation skills!
Battleships Ready Go
Sink the ships in the fewest number of turns.
Unblock It
Slide the wooden blocks to victory!
Monkey Bubble Shooter
Pop bubbles to rescue bananas.
Rotate the piece to fit the puzzle!
Stack the Pancake
Build your pancake tower!
Halloween Chess
Classic chess with a Halloween theme.
EZ Mahjong
Match the mahjong tiles.
Classic Solitaire
For fans of Solitaire
The classic backgammon game
Connect The Dots
Connect dots of the same color
Cross The Bridge
Help Mr Robot cross the bridge.
Flow State
Connect the dots with pipes.