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Monsters & Cake
A monstrous match 3 game!
Four in a Row
Line up 4 colored discs and beat your opponent!
Double the numbers from 2 to 2048 in this fun game!
Flip Jump
How far can you jump?
Reverse the Discs
Trap your opponents discs in this classic game of logic and strategy.
Tic Tac Toe
Play this classic game of strategy against the computer or with a friend. 
Red Block 2
Can you safely guide Red Block to the exit portal? Don't fall off the edge!
Spot the Difference
Hurry, time is running out!
Sink the Ships
Select coordinates to sink your opponent's fleet!
Brick Breaker
Break out from the brick walls!
Do you have what it takes to be a chess champion?
Capture your opponent’s pieces and win this classic game of strategy!
Rhino Rink
Push the rhinos in this strategy game on ice.
Jelly Collapse
Clear the jellies from the board. Rack up as many points as possible in this unique match 3 game!
Classic Backgammon
Move your pieces around the board before your opponent in this classic strategy game.
Remove the white squares from the board. Can you figure out the rule?
Fancy Diver
Divers are trapped. Remove blocks of coral and guide the divers to the surface!