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Flip Jump
You’re jumping through the sky on magical blocks! How far can you go?
The ball is running through space on an endless cube track. How far can you guide the ball?
Jumpee Land
Jump on the blocks and avoid the lasers! Can you ever reach the end?
Rise Higher
Protect your balloon!
Pac Rat
Race around the maze and avoid the cats. Don’t forget to eat the cheese!
Epic City Driver
Join the street racing competition with your fast new car! Can you edge out the very best?
Run 2
The race continues in this fun-filled sequel. Can you set a new record?
Rainbow Tower
Are you quick enough to stack the blocks to record height?
Valet Parking
Improve your car parking skills!
Car Park Puzzle
Your car is blocked in and you have to get out! From how many parking lots can you escape?
Pro Bowling 3D
Play ten pin bowling!
Rotate the triangle to match the color of the line.
Basketball Legend
Practice your hoop shots!
Chef Slash
Time is ticking and it’s up to you to slice the food evenly! Are you precise enough to get 3 stars?
Launch balls from the frog cannon to hold off the intruding balls. Can you protect the frog?
Jumper Frog
Cross the street and the river and get to the fly! Can you feed each frog?
Move the number tiles in this fast-paced puzzle game! Can you reach 2048?
Snowboard Hero
Extreme sports ahead! Avoid the obstacles.
Galactic Maze
Control a spaceship through an intergalactic maze. Can you make it to the top?
Mini Golf
Get your putter out and focus on the goal! Can you make par on this 18 hole course?
Logic Tracks
Use your logic to turn all the tiles green. Each level is its own unique puzzle!
Downhill Ski
You’re plummeting down the ski slope at fast speeds! Do you have the skill to make a safe landing?
Some of the smartest minds in the world have been chess masters! Can you join the best of the best?
Paddle Ball
Score the greatest number of goals to win the match!
Air Hockey
Control your paddle in this intense game of air hockey. Score 15 goals to win!
Reverse the Discs
Trap your opponents discs in this classic game of logic and strategy.
Blue Box
Can you find the path to the red box while eliminating the blue boxes? It won’t be easy!
Hexagon Fall
Destroy the tower by eliminating blocks. It won't be easy as a hexagon needs to be balanced on top!
Mini Golf Adventure
Hit the ball into the hole!
Football Challenge
You are a professional football player! Can you make the catch every time?
Baseball Pro
You’re in the baseball All Star batting competition! How many points can you score?
Swipe Basketball
Swoosh! That’s another 2 point throw. Way to go!
City Blocks
The crane is swinging out of control! Will you be able to build the skyscraper?
Run or skate your way through a 3D track. How long can you keep going?
Amazing Colors
Spin the squares in a hurry to catch the falling colors! How many rounds can you make it?
Donut Slam Dunk
Cut the rope with the swinging donut at the perfect time and complete the donut slam dunk!
Monsters & Cake
Connect the monsters so they can eat the cake! How many levels can you pass?
Monster Tower Defense
The destructive orbs are coming in fast. Deploy your monsters and defend the tower!
Pocket Pac
Eat the dots, avoid the monsters
Nom Nom Yum
Are you clever enough to feed the sushi loving alien and earn 3 stars?
Banana Running
Mr. Nanners is on the run in his quest to find Mrs. Nanners. Can you help him get her back?
Beach Soccer
Aim the soccer ball to hit the starfish and score a goal! How many levels can you pass?
Confident Driver
Your car is speeding through a four lane highway! Can you stay the course and arrive safely?
Escape From Aztec
The Aztec temple is collapsing around you! Can you run to safety?
Slice of Zen
How well can you slice?
Bobblehead Soccer Royale
Duel against your opponent in a fun game of soccer! Can you unlock the best players in the sport?
Monster Truck Driving
Speed through the course in your awesome monster truck! How can you go?
Giant Hamster Run
You’re a giant hamster racing down the street. Can you run and slide your way to new highscores?
Speed Pinball
Collect the gems before time runs out!