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Spatial Rescue
Use your rockets to rescue the stranded aliens!
Tiny King
Join the tiny king and help solve puzzles on his quest for the gold key.
Block the Pig
Can you keep the clever pig from escaping his pen?
Red Block 2
Can you safely guide Red Block to the exit portal? Don't fall off the edge!
Doctor Acorn 3
Solve puzzles, make snowmen, and more in this South Pole adventure!
Cut the shape so that each slice contains only one orb!
Wheely 7
Hunt for clues and explore all new puzzles!
Double the numbers from 2 to 2048 in this fun game!
Buttons and Scissors
Can you cut the buttons and clear each level?
Sum Links 2
Connect the numbered tiles to create the target sums!
Number Sequence
Connect the numbers in the right order!
Logic Tracks
Make your way through the maze and turn all of the blue tiles green.
Block Turns
Rotate the arrows so they face the same direction. Use all the tiles!
Fill Tracks
Turn the entire floor blue. Which way should you go first?
Sum Blocks
Place the number blocks in the overlapping areas to make each sum!
Wheely 6
Solve puzzles to help Wheely escape the fairytale world!
You know how to build a jigsaw puzzle. Now try taking one apart!
Color Move 2
Drag the tiles and match colors. Try and solve all 40 puzzles!
Untangle the connecting rhombus wires and complete the puzzle!
Wheely 2
Wheely is back and he needs your help to reunite with his best friend. 16 fun-filled challenges!
Wheely 3
Experience 12 new levels to guide Wheely through!
Robo Trobo
Everything is broken in Robo’s world. Make repairs and capture the red flag.
Ready for an adventure? Solve puzzles with Wheely and capture the red flag!
Wheely 4
Explore 16 fun-filled puzzles, travel through time, and bring Wheely back home!
Remove the white squares from the board. Can you figure out the rule?
Remove all the dots from the game board and win!
Nanobots excel at making green tiles. You have to fill the open spaces!
Push Pull Blocks
Follow the rules and cover all the white dots with blocks.
Double Delivery
Help the factory robots make deliveries.
Chain Sums
Connect number blocks to make the target sums. Create increasingly longer number chains.
Lost Joe
Joe is hopelessly lost. Your job is to program Joe to reach the exit.