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Popular Classic Games

  • Chess
    Some of the smartest minds in the world have been chess masters! Can you join the best of the best?
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  • Brick Breaker
    Wrecking balls are bouncing around in this fun puzzle game. Smash the walls above to keep increasing
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  • Sink the Ships
    Get your battleships ready and prepare to sink the ships!
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  • Pinball
    What is the highest score you can get in this fast-paced arcade game?
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  • Checkers
    Battle a friend or the computer in an intense game of checkers!
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  • Reverse the Discs
    Can you flip all the discs to your color? Challenge a friend in this fun board game!
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More Classic Games

Mahjong Deluxe
Find all the matching cards in this classic puzzle game! How fast can you make matching pairs?
Classic Backgammon
Compete with a friend or against the computer in the classic board game! Can you get your pieces aro
Four in a Row
Play by yourself or challenge a friend in this classic puzzle game! Can you connect four?
Tic Tac Toe
Compete against your opponent in this classic strategy game. First to get 3 in a row wins!
Pro Bowling 3D
You are a professional bowler in a big tournament. Can you win the grand prize?
Classic Snake
The snake needs to eat but the more he eats the longer he grows! Help him slither to his food safely
Remove the white squares from the board. Can you figure out the rule?
Hello Yellow
Can you free the yellow block? Put your problem solving skills to the test!
Jumper Frog
Cross the street and the river and get to the fly! Can you feed each frog?
Pac Rat
Race around the maze and avoid the cats. Don’t forget to eat the cheese!
Classic Solitaire
For fans of Solitaire
The classic backgammon game
Halloween Chess
Classic chess with a Halloween theme.
Casual Checkers
Can you beat the computer?
Battleships Ready Go
Sink the ships in the fewest number of turns.
Sudoku Village
A classic sudoku game!
Picture Sliders - Animals
Slide pictures of animals.
EZ Mahjong
Match the mahjong tiles.
Classic Pinball
What's your high score?