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Welcome to Puzzle Playground!

Puzzle Playground is a fun, free site filled with challenging puzzles and clever thinking games. Our games involve logic, strategy, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, pattern recognition, and problem solving. Puzzle Playground is the sister site to Math Playground, created in 2002 to make math more fun for kids. Puzzle Playground was built for fans of wholesome and entertaining games that give your brain a workout.

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Responsible Publishing
Puzzle Playground licenses games from small independent developers and large game studios. When we license a game in good faith, we trust that the game and all of its content, including graphics, sound effects, and audio files, are either original creative works or properly licensed creative works. If you believe that your copyrighted content is on this site without your permission, please contact us. We will act quickly to remove unauthorized content once informed.
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Suggest a Game
If you have developed a game that you think might a good fit for Puzzle Playground, we'd love to hear from you. Please send a link to your game and we will check it out. If you've discovered a fun game that you'd like to play on Puzzle Playground, please let us know.

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