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4 Colors Monument Edition

Game Description
Travel the world and discover monuments with this updated version of the 4 Colors game. Challenge up to 3 computerized opponents. Match cards by color or number. Play action cards to add some fun and unexpected twists. Be the first player to eliminate all cards to win the game.
How to Play
Use your mouse or touch the screen to play. The goal is to win the game by eliminating all of your cards. You can place a card if its color or number matches the card on the top of the pile. In addition to the basic matching cards, there are action cards with unique abilities. The Draw 2 card forces the next player to pick up 2 cards and skip their turn. The Skip card (circle with line through) causes the next player to skip a turn. The Reverse card (2 curved arrows) reverses the playing order. The Wild card (diamond with 4 colors) allows you to change the current color. It can be used anytime during the game. The Wild Draw 3 (+3) not only changes the color but also forces the next player to take three cards. You can only use this card if you have no other cards to play. When you have one card left you must click the 1 button to announce it to the other players. If you forget, you will be given two penalty cards.
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